Photovoltaic System

What is 

A photovoltaic system is an electrical installation, consisting of several photovoltaic modules, that use solar energy to produce electricity by exploiting the photovoltaic effect, through materials that are sensitive to sunlight (e.g. silicon). The photovoltaic panels must be connected by law to a disconnector, according to CEI 64-8, which allows the system to be disconnected in the event of grid intervention or when there are atmospheric discharges or voltage peaks. Assembly and maintenance of photovoltaic systems on roofs, thus allowing transforming solar energy into electricity, contributing to the protection of the environment and at the same time adopting an eco-sustainable policy.


Photovoltaic systems are mainly divided into two groups:
-stand-alone: This systems are used in areas that are not easily accessible or have no access to an electric grid. A stand-alone system is independent of the electricity grid, with the energy produced normally being stored in batteries.
connected to an existing electricity distribution network (and managed by a third part) and often also to the private electricity system to be served. A photovoltaic module is a device that generates electricity through the photovoltaic effect and can operate all electrical devices. Modules therefore act as a power generator.


The photovoltaic system should be considered an investment and not a cost. The capital invested is recovered over time, on average in 6 years.
-Savings on your energy bills: thanks to a photovoltaic system, you will no longer be dependent on the national grid operators and will be able to produce the energy you need independently;
-Increase in the value of your property: installing a photovoltaic system increases the commercial value of your property. To calculate the increase in value, simply take into account the power of the system, its lifetime, the amount of energy produced and the cost of energy;
-environmental sustainability: the sun is a natural resource that allows us to use clean energy that does not pollute. For every kWh produced, 700 g of CO2 is saved from being released into the environment;

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