On Rope Work

What Are

Industrial construction work carried out by highly specialized professionals with methods of access and positioning by ropes. Our on-rope operators have attended the "Working at height by rope access and positioning systems on artificial and natural sites Operator training course” where they learnt the techniques of the operations necessary to carry out work at a great height in complete safety.

Work Areas

Currently, the work fields of a on-rope operator cover almost all production sectors. Construction, industry, telecommunications, urban renewal, environmental reclamation, public and private green spaces, entertainment and sports, cultural and exhibition events, and even boating. Wherever it is necessary to carry out work more than two meters above the ground, and to do so it is necessary to be secured to a rope, it is mandatory by law that the work be carried out by a on-rope operator.

Who They Are Aimed at  

After having ascertained the feasibility in safety, to carry out the works on rope it is:

necessary to analyze the following considerations;
impossibility of using collective protection systems;
impossibility or difficulty of access with other work equipment;
dangerousness of use caused by other work equipment;
ower overall risk compared to other operational solutions;
limited duration of the intervention;
impossibility of modifying the site where the workplace is located.

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