Lamellar Wood

What is 

Lamellar wood is natural wood which has been transformed at an industrially, preserving its qualities, it is made by gluing together wooden boards called lamellare, under pressure force action; at the same time it is an innovative industrial product that reduces and overcomes the defects of solid wood


- High versatility, can be used in construction as an alternative to steel, reinforced concrete, stone, etc...
-Mechanical resistance along the whole structure of the product.
-Superior fire resistance compared to natural wood, as the carbonised lamellas act as insulation for the others and slow down their combustion.
-Excellent anti-seismic properties due to the ability to flex without breaking.
-Low heat loss laminated windows and walls ensure energy savings or the possibility of reducing the thickness of the same to have greater habitability.
-High resistance to weather and temperature changes, thanks to the use of appropriate varnish and glues to join the lamellas.

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