Facades and Exterior

What are

The facades represent the external structure of a building corresponding to one side of its perimeter, they can be continuous, consisting of a coating made of light materials, and they can be ventilated, represented by a particular type of perimeter coating that includes the dry application of panels. The outer thermal insulation coat consists of a series of insulating layers added to the buildings to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation.

The system 

The curtain wall system is often used for large-scale works, but it can also be used for "smaller works" such as the redevelopment of suburban mansion, town houses, apartment blocks. Ventilated facades are a system of external cladding suitable for both new buildings and the renovation of existing ones. A ventilated façade provides a gap between the perimeter wall of the building and the external cladding. An insulating layer is then added over the gap. The performance guaranteed by ventilated façades is excellent, and it is because of these characteristics, plus the architectural flexibility they offer, that this technology is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary architecture.

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