About us


Continuous updating, research and development, innovative solutions. In this way we have strengthened our entire organisation.


We focus on efficiency. Employees and management work in perfect coordination and in full compliance with safety regulations.


We guarantee continuous supervision at all stages of work execution. Optimising completion times and environmental impact.

About us

Essevu Coperture e Montaggi Industriali was founded with the aim of strengthening its position in a highly technological and competitive market, exploiting, the decisive synergy, as for every respectable company, of competence and desire to improve day by day. We believe that the key factors of a company’s current growth are to be sought, in the choice of high-quality raw materials, in the professionalism of the technicians, in the punctuality of deliveries, but above all in our "synergic" philosophy of work. We rely heavily on the concept of efficiency, organizing meticulously assemblers teams in perfect coordination with the management and in full compliance with safety regulations, using both the P.P.E. needed, and the most suitable tools for the work that has to be carried out, moreover from time in turn a specific safety plan is made by our team of engineers and technicians experts.


Our internal technical department is composed of engineers and technicians experts, this is where we create all our projects. The technical office guarantees continuous supervision at all stages of the work. In addition, the improvement of production processes has reduced waste, optimises construction times and mitigates environmental impact. In this way, focusing mainly on continuous updating, on research and development of innovative solutions, we have been able to upgrade all our organization. Our customer service whether it is telephone or web ensures interventions and inspections within 24 hours of the call or from the moment of reception.


Thanks to its deep knowledge of the market and its consolidated working relationship with the manufacturing world, Essevu Coperture e Montaggi Industriali has identified and selected leading companies in specific sectors. The quality of the realization of the work is also guaranteed, therefore by materials of high qualitative and technological content..

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Marketing & Export Manager

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